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Caffeine Tablets

Your natural source of energy!

With natural caffeine and vitamin B6
Easy-to-swallow format
Suitable for vegans


Caffeine is a substance found naturally in various plants, but nowadays it also exists in synthetic form, i.e. manufactured in laboratories. The most common natural sources of caffeine are, for example, coffee, guarana, tea, etc. At Victory Endurance we have chosen to use a natural source of caffeine, obtained from a green coffee extract, in which the unroasted coffee bean is used, thus achieving the highest quality natural caffeine anhydrous (which does not contain water).
Caffeine Tabs contains 80mg of natural caffeine anhydrous per tablet and is ideal for boosting and improving performance in training and competition. Caffeine has been proven to be one of the best and most effective ergogenic aids, i.e. it directly improves performance in all types of sporting disciplines.
And to make it even more powerful, we have added Vitamin B6, which is part of several enzymes, so it contributes to normal energy metabolism and helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue.
Normally caffeine capsules on the market are difficult to swallow, but to make this easier, Victory Endurance has designed a very small, super-concentrated tablet, making it easier to consume.
Thanks to its natural vegetable source, we have managed to make a complete product that is easy to take and suitable for everyone, even if you are vegan.
Caffeine tabs can become your natural source of energy!
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