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Caffeine formula provides immediate energy

  • Improves performance
  • With extra sodium
  • New Tropical flavour


Combination in gel form with simple carbohydrates, caffeine and sodium to provide energy and delay fatigue during physical exercise. With caffeine and guarana to reduce the feeling of tiredness and optimise metabolism.
With an ideal texture that does not require subsequent liquid intake to be swallowed.
Its formula contains:
– Mixture of simple carbohydrates (dextrose, sucrose and fructose): with the three Glycaemic Indexes (high, medium and low) in the right proportions (2:1:1) to provide immediate energy, but at the same time avoiding Glucose peaks.
– Caffeine and Guarana: an ingredient with proven ergogenic action, i.e. it improves performance. In the short term because it stimulates the CNS (Central Nervous System) increasing our ability to concentrate, etc. but in reality it helps us in the long term because: 1) it activates the metabolism of fats, i.e. it facilitates their use for energy purposes, which improves performance because it saves glycogen; 2) it improves muscle contraction and 3) because it delays the sensation of tiredness.
– Sodium (100 mg/gel): essential in endurance sports to avoid dehydration, because sodium is responsible for retaining liquid inside the muscle cell. It is necessary to replenish it as it is lost through perspiration.
Presented in a specially designed container to facilitate its transport and use during sports practice.
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