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High fiber fruit syrup

  • Low in sugars
  • 49% Fiber
  • With real fruit



Fruit and Fiber Syrup by Weider is a fruit syrup very rich in fiber and without added sugars, it only contains the sugars naturally present in fruit. It has an excellent composition; different from all the syrups you’ve tried before.

Provides up to 67g of fiber per 100ml from three plant sources, a combination of fiber from corn, beets and chicory. In addition, each service contributes to your diet only 12 kcal and 0% fat, so that you can enjoy taking care of yourself without adding unnecessary calories to your diet.

With Fruit and Fiber Syrup, you will not only enjoy all the flavor and benefits of fiber, but also of fruit; since its careful preparation includes a high percentage of real fruit. If your favorite flavor is strawberry, you will get in each container 19% of this appetizing fruit, while if you are one of those who prefer lemon, you will find up to 23% lemon.

For all these reasons, if you like to take care of yourself and follow a healthy lifestyle, this syrup is the perfect option to sweeten and fill your breakfasts, desserts or snacks with flavor … Taking care of yourself will be easier and more appetizing than ever!


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Directions for Use

Ideal for all types of diets within a healthy lifestyle. Perfect for sweetening breakfasts, snacks and desserts.


Size / Flavour

350 g bottle Flavor: FRUIT AND FIBER



Try to combine it with the other products of the “better nutrition” line … Still not combined with Protein Pancakes? It’s brutal!


Nutritional Information

Polydextrose, dietary fiber, water, 8% cocoa powder, aroma, vanillin, preservative: potassium sorbate; sweeteners: isomaltose, sucralose.

  Per portion (10g)
Energy 50 kJ/12 kcal
fats 0,17 g
– of which saturated 0,10 g
carbohydrates 2,1 g
– of which sugars 0,23 g
– of which polioles 1,3 g
Fiber 1,2 g
Proteins 0,15 g
Salt 0,0