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Advanced energy source with “Pump” effect

  • State-of-the-art isotonic drink
  • With active ingredients that improve oxygenation
  • Cluster Dextrim®, VinitroxTM and Oxystorm®.


With Nitro Energy Drink from Victory Endurance you can prepare an advanced isotonic drink with excellent digestibility, with extra ingredients to promote a vasodilator effect. This drink offers a source of energy with excellent assimilation, ideal for prolonged training, which is also reinforced with ingredients that provide a “pump” effect, to support muscle oxygenation during physical activity and give you an extra boost just when you need it most.
Cluster Dextrine®: is a patented compound of highly branched cyclic dextrin, an innovative type that is produced from amylopectin using a unique technological process, with a high molecular weight and very low osmolarity in relation to other carbohydrates. Its structure therefore allows it to be absorbed very quickly, even faster than amylopectin.
Oxystorm®: is a component based on red spinach extract, one of the richest sources of nitrate in nature. Nitrate is a vasodilator ingredient that supports muscle oxygenation during physical activity, just when you need it most.
VinitroxTM: this vasodilator ingredient is a combination of two all-natural extracts: grape (Vitis vinifera) and apple (Malus pumilla), which form a fruit compound with a high polyphenol content. Vinitrox can help you make a difference, especially when your muscles are already very fatigued and need to receive more oxygen to keep up.
Nitro Energy Drink rehydrates, replenishes and reactivates the body quickly – try the most refreshing taste with the most anticipated effect!
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