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Naturally healthy

  • 100 % natural
  • 26% protein
  • Suitable for vegans

Peanut Butter Powder is the powdered alternative to the classic Weider range peanut butters, made from top quality defatted roasted peanut powder with an irresistible original flavor. This process of reducing fat allows the obtention of a greater amount of protein and fiber, also reducing greatly its caloric intake. Its characteristics make this product very appetizing with an excellent nutritional profile:

  • 48% protein: from a natural combination of peanuts. Protein helps maintain and increase muscle mass.
  • Without palm oil: Our peanut butter products are 100% natural with no added oils.
  • Healthy fats: Powdered peanut butter provides mono and polyunsaturated fats, also known as “healthy or good fats.” Therefore, you do not need to worry about “trans” fat intake.
  • Low in sugars and without added sugars: it only provides sugars naturally present and less than one gram of sugar per serving.
  • Without preservatives.
  • Suitable for vegans.
  • No added salt.

With this product you can create countless recipes allowing you to add peanuts to different dishes either through its solid form or mixed with liquid. As much as you lead a “fit” lifestyle as you try it is to take care of yourself without giving up healthy whims. Peanut Butter in cream or powder is perfect to include in breakfasts, snacks, desserts or to prepare all kinds of recipes you can imagine. Try any of our versions! Do you still need more reasons to try it?

modo de empleo

Directions of use

Add 15 g of the powdered peanut butter to your meals and drinks.


Jat of 400g


Ideal for recipe making.

Ingredientes / Información nutricional

100% roasted peanuts.

Nutritional information

Nutritional information Per portion (15 g)

243 kJ/58 kcal


2,1 g

– of which saturated

2 g


4,6 g

– of which sugars

2,3 g


2,1 g


7,2 g


0 g




¿Es saludable la Crema de cacahuete en polvo?
La crema de cacahuete en polvo es saludable y apta para veganos. No lleva aceite de palma y es baja en azúcares, sin conservantes, sal añadida.
¿Tiene muchas grasas la crema de cacahuete en polvo ?
La versión de cacahuete en polvo cuenta con menor contenido en grasas que la crema de cacahuete. Las grasas que contiene son cardiosaludables.: Los cacahuetes contienen principalmente grasas mono y poliinsaturadas, necesarias para mantener un estado de salud y bienestar.
¿Cuánta proteina tiene la crema de cacahuete en polvo ?
La crema de cacahuete en polvo contiene un 48% DE PROTEÍNA: El cacahuete es una fuente de proteínas y grasas saludables.
¿Qué lleva la crema de cacahuete en polvo ?
Es la alternativa en polvo a las cremas de cacahuete clásicas que conforman nuestra gama de productos de Weider, elaborado a base de cacahuetes tostados desgrasados de máxima calidad e irresistible sabor original.