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Delicious maple flavour syrup

  • High fibre
  • Fat free
  • Low in sugars

We continue to expand our range of syrups with this new product: Slim Syrup Maple flavour. Our Slim Syrup has the same flavour as the classic maple syrup, which is the perfect match for numerous delicious recipes. Its most common use is to dress some desserts such as pancakes, waffles, pancakes… even sweetening drinks, although its use in desserts is the most common. In addition, as you know, Weider always thinks of all audiences, and… brings this novelty as an option suitable for vegans, as the syrup can be used as a substitute for honey in vegan cooking. Slim Syrup Maple is a syrup made from dietary fibres, with no added sugars. no added sugars and natural maple flavouring. Each serving adds only 43 kcal and 0% fat to your diet, so you can enjoy taking care of yourself without adding unnecessary calories to your body. For all these reasons, if you like to take care of yourself and follow a healthy lifestyle, this syrup is a great choice for you. This syrup is perfect for sweetening all your recipes: breakfasts, snacks, desserts… Taking care of yourself will be easier and more appetising than ever!

modo de empleo

Directions for use

Add 15 grams of maple flavoured syrup to sweeten your breakfasts and snacks.




This delicious syrup is perfect to accompany our Protein Pancake and to make many delicious recipes with our Gourmet Oat Flour. and delicious recipes with our Gourmet Oat Flour.

Ingredients / Nutritional information

Polydextrose, Water, Sweeteners: Isomalt, Sucralose; Soluble Dietary Fibres (Inulin), Natural Flavouring. May contain traces of milk and nuts. *No added sugars. Contains naturally occurring sugars.

Información nutricional

Nutritional information Per 100g Per portion (15g)
Energy 103 KJ / 427kcal 10KJ / 43 kcal
Fat 0g 0g
– of which saturated 0g 0g
Carbohydrates 23g 2,3g
– of which sugars 2,5g 0,3g
– of which polyols 14g 1,4g
Fibres 10g 1g
Protein 0g 0g
Fibres 10g 1g
Salt 9mg 0,9mg



¿Qué beneficios tiene?
Su alto contenido en fibra contribuye a cuidar el sistema digestivo y además tarda más en digerirse, por lo que calma la sensación de apetito.
¿Es apto para todo el mundo?
Si, y además debido a su origen vegetal es un endulzante totalmente apto para personas que sigan dietas veganas.
¿Cómo es su sabor?
Para evitar todo el azúcar del sirope de arce, hemos conseguido imitar su sabor son otros componentes y el resultado es buenísmo.
¿Gotea el envase?
Se presenta en un práctico envase anti-goteo, que permite guardarlo y conservarlo de forma cómoda.