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Crema hiperproteica de avellanas y cacao

  • 21% Protein and 11% Hazelnuts
  • Palm oil free
  • Gluten free
  • Low Sugar

Whey Protein Choco Creme is a delicious Cacao spread made with real hazelnuts and high-quality whey protein. An ideal treat that helps you keep your figure. This new version contains no palm oil.

Most chocolate spreads are calorie bombs, and that is most likely why you decided to rid your diet of these treats. Those days are gone, we have made Whey Protein Choco Creme with no added sugars and have packed it with healthy non-hydrogenated sunflower and coconut oil.

But what makes Whey Protein Choco Creme stand out is its nutritious content in real whey protein concentrate up to 22%. Proteins are an essential nutrient key to maintaining good health and are also indispensable to build and keep muscle mass. Proteins also help us feel satiated. Whey protein is rich in essential amino acids and BCAAs (Branched-chain Amino Acids), the most critical amino acids for muscles.

Whey Protein Choco Creme may be considered a low carb product. Not all carbs are the same and they have different effects on the body. For example, only 9 grams out of the 33% of carbohydrates of this product can be considered net carbs. Most of the carbs it contains are maltitol, a polyalcohol with reduced caloric content. Its sweet flavor is the result of the sugars naturally found in hazelnuts and whey protein.

Whey Protein Choco Creme is ideal for all types of diets. If you are in the volume phase and want to gain muscle mass, Whey Protein Choco Crème’s delicious taste will provide your muscles with all the essential amino acids they require. And if you want to keep your figure, it will be a tasty treat high in protein, but low in carbs and sugar.

You may combine Whey Protein Choco Creme with other high-protein products by Weider like Protein Bread and Protein Pancakes. With less than 79 kcal per portion you you can have the pleasure of chocolate but guilt-free. Healthy and tasty never were so easy!

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Directions of use

Ideal for all types of diets within a healthy lifestyle. Perfect to sweeten breakfasts, snacks and desserts.

Size / Flavour

Choco-Hazelnut Flavour Tin 250g = 16 servings


You can combine Whey Protein Choco Creme with other high-protein products by Weider like Protein Bread and Protein Pancakes.

Nutritional Information


Sweetener: Maltitol; 22% Whey Protein Concentrate, Sunflower Oil, 11% Hazelnuts, Sweet Whey Powder, 6,5% Low Fat Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Emulsifier: Lecithins; Natural Flavouring.


 Per 100 gPer 15 g
Energy2151 kJ/ 519 Kcal323 kJ/ 78 Kcal
Fat37 g5,6 g
 – of which sat. fatty acids7,2 g1,1 g
Carbohydrates33 g4,9 g
– of which sugars7,3 g1,1 g
– of which polyols24 g3,7 g
Protein21 g3,1 g
Salt0,2 g0,03 g


¿Qué lleva?
Deliciosa crema de cacao para untar elaborada con auténticas avellanas y proteína de suero de alta calidad. El sabor de crema de chocolate y avellanas de toda la vida.
¿Tiene hidratos?
Se puede considerar una crema baja en carbohidratos con solo 5g por porción.
¿Cuánta proteina tiene?
Está elaborada con proteína de suero de alta calidad para poder proporcionarte un 22 % de proteína, ideal para regalarte un momento de placer a la vez que cuidas tu figura.
¿Para quién es?
Es ideal para cualquier tipo de dieta ya sea de bajada de peso como definición muscular.