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  • Protect: BCAA’s Glutamine.
  • Recovers: BCAA’s Glutamine Arginine.
  • Detoxifies: thanks to L-Arginine


With the aim of protecting and accelerating the recovery of muscle tissue, Victory Endurance has developed AMINO RECOVERY, which not only helps us to recover but also has a detoxifying action.
This magnificent combination consists of:
– BCAA’s: these are the branched-chain amino acids Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. They have energy and recovery properties. Why we should take them: Before training, they protect muscle mass and also in endurance sports, they provide energy, avoiding the use of muscle glycogen and therefore delaying fatigue. After training, it accelerates recovery from muscle damage caused by intense training, due to its muscle-building effect.
– L-Arginine: one of the most important properties of this amino acid is that it is part of the detoxification process, as it is involved in the urea cycle, which is essential for the elimination of toxins generated during sport. In addition, during training, it is involved in vasodilation (increased blood flow), which promotes the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. It also has a recovery effect because it has a favourable effect on protein metabolism.
– L-Glutamine: a key amino acid for protecting and repairing muscle tissue. It aids recovery of both muscle and glycogen. It also increases and improves the function of the immune system and reduces “over training syndrome” (OTS).
– Vitamin B6: essential in the metabolism of amino acids and proteins”.
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