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More digestible energy

  • Optimal hydration with extra energy
  • With Amylopectin, Palatinose™ and glucose polymers
  • With electrolytes, mineral salts and vitamins


ISO CARBO from Victory Endurance is a state-of-the-art drink designed to meet all the requirements that athletes need during the most demanding events.
ISO CARBO delays fatigue and improves performance because its carefully studied ingredients are able to provide more carbohydrates, i.e. more energy, in the same amount of volume as a conventional isotonic drink. Maintaining the contribution of mineral salts and, of course, with the same digestibility to ensure rapid assimilation and, therefore, correct hydration.
This is how its innovative ingredients work:
– Amylopectin: a high molecular weight carbohydrate whose chemical structure gives it a very low osmolality in solution, allowing it to pass quickly through the stomach, making it available for the muscle cell to use as a source of energy.
– Palatinose®: (registered trademark of Isomaltulose) is a type of sugar which, due to its production method, has a low glycaemic index (GI), i.e. it provides us with long-term energy. It has a GI similar to that of fructose but with a high digestibility, i.e. it provides us with the same energy characteristics, but without the stomach or digestive discomfort that fructose produces.
– With electrolytes: with all the mineral salts necessary to delay/avoid dehydration during sport. It ensures water retention inside the cell, muscle contraction/relaxation to avoid cramps, etc.
– With vitamins (C and B1): essential for transforming carbohydrates into energy, with antioxidant capacity, etc.
ISO CARBO is the alternative drink for ingesting a greater quantity of carbohydrates in liquid form, which will help you to reduce the transport of liquids and other products when competition times are long.
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