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Energy and Hydration

  • Advanced formula to increase endurance during exercise.
  • Rapid energy and hydration.


Revolutionary formula combining simple and complex carbohydrates, amino acids, antioxidants and electrolytes. Specially designed to rehydrate, optimise and increase endurance during training. If you practice endurance sports, don’t hesitate, ISO ENERGY is the product for you.
Its superb combination of ingredients consists of:
– Carbo Optimun Complex: a complex matrix of simple and complex carbohydrates that improves energy absorption and utilisation by the cells, as well as providing rapid hydration.
– L-Glutamine: a key amino acid for muscle tissue repair and recovery. It also improves immune system function and reduces “over training syndrome” (OTS).
– Electrolytes: during prolonged exercise, there is an increased loss of electrolytes through sweat and urine. The most relevant are:
– Calcium: plays a fundamental role in muscle concentration and relaxation, nerve conduction, hormone secretion, among others.
– Potassium: Important in the transport of glucose to the muscle cell. Magnesium: Forms part of more than 300 enzymes, is related to nerve impulse transmission, muscle contraction and ATP production (energy molecule).
– Sodium and Chlorine: These are essential for the correct regulation of the water balance.
– Vitamin C: plays an important role in endurance sports due to its antioxidant capacity, elimination of free radicals, as well as regulating collagen synthesis and protection of the immune system.
Due to this composition, ISO ENERGY is an ideal product in endurance sports as it reduces dehydration, muscle cramps, improves gastric emptying which avoids discomfort caused by ingestion of liquids during exercise. It also provides fast and long-lasting energy and immediately replenishes electrolytes lost during training.
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