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Mineral replenishment and hydration

  • Optimise hydration and mineral replenishment during sport.
    A combination of minerals to help you maintain performance
    With an extra supply of vitamins D and B1


Salt Caps from Victory Endurance are the most complete on the market because they provide all the electrolytes and minerals necessary to maintain sports performance, promoting hydration and replenishing the salts lost during physical activity.
Because its UNIQUE formula contains all the ingredients that help maintain electrolyte balance:
– Sodium: the first of the three minerals known as electrolytes. It is the most important because it is essential to help maintain hydration during sport due to its ability to retain water inside the cell. It is involved in the correct functioning of the musculature.
– Potassium: the second of the three electrolytes. It is involved at the intracellular level in acid-base balance, muscle contraction and neuromuscular activity. It facilitates water retention in the spaces between cells.
– Chlorine: the third electrolyte. It is essential for maintaining water balance as it is the one that most facilitates the absorption of fluids. Necessary for proper digestion by maintaining gastric juices.
– Calcium: it is involved in energy metabolism, muscle contraction, neuromuscular activity, nerve conduction and blood coagulation.
– Iron: forms part of red blood cells as it is the central atom of haemoglobin, and is therefore essential for oxygen transport.
– Magnesium: is involved in various processes such as energy release (oxidative phosphorylation and glycolysis), protein synthesis, neuromuscular transmission, electrolyte balance and contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
– Iodine: plays an important role in energy release, thyroid hormone production, nervous and cognitive function.
– Copper: important indirectly in oxygen transport because it is involved in iron metabolism. It is also involved in bone mineralisation, in the maintenance of collagen, in the oxidative metabolism of glucose and is also a powerful antioxidant as it forms part of superoxide dismutase.
– Manganese: essential and abundant in tissues rich in mitochondria (brain, liver, pancreas, kidney) and therefore for energy metabolism.
– Selenium: has a powerful antioxidant action as it forms part of glutathione peroxidase. It is also involved in the metabolism of thyroid hormones.
– Thiamine or Vitamin B1: essential in carbohydrate metabolism for energy production, e.g. in the Krebs cycle. It may improve the anaerobic threshold and deficiency may decrease performance.
– Vitamin D: increases calcium and phosphorus absorption and is involved in bone growth and mineralisation, muscle function and the immune system.
With Salt Caps from Victory Endurance you ensure the most complete supply of electrolytes, mineral salts and vitamins so that your performance does not diminish.
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