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Maximum Recovery

  • Advanced formula to maximise post-workout recovery.
  • Minimises muscle damage in endurance sports.


TOTAL RECOVERY is a supplement specially designed for all athletes who need to maximise their recovery after an intense training session. Each of its components has been scientifically selected and tested to achieve a good recovery and thus improve performance in competition or in daily training.
Its magnificent composition is made up of:
– Carbo-Protein Optimun Complex: a correct combination of dextrose, whey protein isolate and hydrolysed whey protein maximises the utilisation of these nutrients by the muscles, as the right conditions are created for them to reach the cell quickly and immediate recovery takes place.
– Glutamine Peptides and L-Glutamine: a key amino acid for muscle tissue repair and recovery. It also improves immune function and reduces “overtraining syndrome”.
– Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s): These are essential amino acids that must be ingested in the diet or through adequate supplementation. They are essential for muscle growth and recovery. They also combat the feeling of tiredness or “central fatigue” caused by an imbalance between the concentration of BCAAs and Tryptophan.
– Electrolytes: in endurance sports, restoring the cell’s salt balance is essential for good muscle response.
– Vitamins: these are necessary for good recovery, especially antioxidants to avoid the oxidative stress produced by prolonged effort.
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