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Weider vegetable protein

  • High quality pea protein (PISANE™ C9) and rice protein
  • With extra acacia fibre and organic cereals

  • Lactose free, gluten free, cholesterol free

Vegan Protein de Weider is your best choice if you want to include in your diet a vegan protein of the highest quality and delicious taste. Pea protein, thanks to its excellent composition of amino acids, is the best vegetable protein you can use, offering a comparable nutritional value to whey protein. The main protein of Vegan Protein is isolated pea protein (Pisane C9), which has been enriched with rice protein. By combining a vegetable protein with a cereal, we obtain a high biological value and easily digestible protein. 100% tolerable. For all types of persons who need extra protein and care about their health, such as athletes, people of the 3rd age and people with high physical wear. Vegan Protein is ideal for those who want to consume clean, safe and natural vegetable proteins, which are lactose, gluten and cholesterol free. It is also perfect for those who, although not being vegetarian, want to reduce their consumption of animal protein without reducing the quality of protein in their diet. The process of obtaining the plant proteins in Weider Vegan Protein, is performed by a physical process without using chemical solvents such as hexane. INGREDIENTS • Isolated Pea Protein (Pisane C9): protein that has an excellent amino acid content that covers almost 100% of essential amino acids recommendations, and is rich in BCAAs, lysine and arginine. • Rice protein: made from organic brown rice. It’s a protein that has high digestibility and assimilation which benefits the maintenance and development of the muscles. • ModCARB™: a latest generation ingredient, which is made from organic cereals and modulates the uptake and metabolism of glucose, preventing food cravings and energy slumps. • Dynamic Fruits&Greens: plant extracts concentrate that provides antioxidant substances (polyphenols) that take care of your health. It not only nourishes us, it protects us as well. • Stevia: Vegan Protein has been sweetened with Stevia. It is a natural sweetener because it is extracted from leaves of Stevia that give sweetness without calories. • Vitamin B12: if you avoid animal products in your diet, you should take a B12 supplement, which is essential for the formation of red blood cells and the nervous system.

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What are the benefits of vegan protein?
This vegan protein is made with pea protein and highly digestible organic brown rice protein. This combination covers 100% of the essential amino acid recommendations we need and makes Vegan Protein a protein of high biological value. Its consumption benefits muscle maintenance and development. It is also enriched in vitamin B12, which prevents anaemia or vitamin B12 deficiency.
How is Vegan Protein used?
To take this vegan protein simply mix 30g of product in 300ml of water and... enjoy! It can be consumed at any time of the day, but we recommend taking it after training to boost recovery.
How is the Vegan Protein formula?
In addition to the high protein content, this vegan protein contains extra plant extracts, rich in antioxidants, and organic cereals, which modulate the absorption and metabolism of glucose.
Is it a safe supplement?
Yes, vegan proteins are a safe and permitted supplement. Lactose-free, gluten-free, cholesterol-free and free of chemical solvents.