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Rays of health to you

  • High concentration of vitamin D3
  • Only 1 gummy per day
  • Sugar free and gluten free



Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin necessary for a multitude of functions in the human body. Although the best known function of vitamin D is related to the absorption and metabolization of calcium, and therefore in the health of bones and teeth, vitamin D is also necessary for muscle function, immune function and is necessary for the functioning of the hormonal system and the maintenance of the skin.

Although vitamin D is found naturally in foods such as oily fish or plant foods such as mushrooms, vitamin D deficiency is widespread, especially in industrialized countries, countries with little sunlight, considering vitamin D deficiency a global health problem, even in Spain that a priori having a sunny climate should not present such problems.

Vitamin D gummies! is an appetizing and easy way to take your daily dose of vitamin D. One gummy provides up to 500% of the amount of vitamin D that can be obtained with a proper diet, but in a fun, gluten-free and sugar-free way.

It can be used by all kinds of people, especially active and sporty people, elderly people, women, people with overweight problems or people who need to restrict fats in their diet, since it must be remembered that being a fat-soluble vitamin, when fats are reduced in the diet, the amount of vitamin D is also reduced.

Thanks to Vitamin D gummies! you will never again forget to take your daily dose of vitamin D, as you will be looking forward to taking your vitamins!

  • Maintaining vitamin D levels is essential as low vitamin D levels can lead to an increase in immune system related diseases.
  • Adequate vitamin D levels are always associated with an improved immune system and a decrease in viral and bacterial infections.


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          ¿Para qué sirven las gominolas de vitamina D?
          Las gominolas de vitamina D facilitan el aporte de vitamina D de una forma divertida sin necesidad de pastillas. Especialmente importante en épocas de poco sol (invierno) o países con poca luz solar.
          ¿Cómo se usa?
          Toma una gominola al día en tu momento favorito.
          ¿Qué llevan las gominolas de vitamina D?
          Una gominola de vitamina D proporciona hasta el 500% de la cantidad de vitamina D3 que puede obtenerse con una dieta adecuada.
          ¿Llevan azúcar o gluten?
          No, son sin azúcar ni gluten.