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Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants

  • With 12 vitamins, 9 minerals and antioxidants from Green Tea.
  • Increases stamina and ensures all daily needs.


All Day Energy has been designed to provide energy and cover all the vitamin and mineral requirements of sportsmen and women. In addition, as it includes antioxidants, it has a very important protective function for sportsmen and women, as they are subject to greater “oxidative stress” due to training and competitions.

BENEFITS of taking All Day Energy: Both vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients. For this reason, supplementation in athletes is essential, as their calorie (energy) needs are greater and therefore so are their vitamin and mineral intakes, because, for example, they lose more minerals through sweating; in addition, due to physical effort, metabolic requirements are greater and therefore so are those of vitamins. In addition, All Day Energy provides important antioxidant protection, because vitamins A, C, E, the mineral selenium and EGCG from green tea act as powerful antioxidants.

But what is the function of antioxidants? Well, to prevent damage caused by free radicals formed during intense exercise. This damage leads to muscle soreness and swelling, slows glycogen recovery, can cause DNA damage, decreases aerobic capacity and therefore decreases muscle performance.

– Minerals have regulatory functions and are part of the structure of many tissues: they make up bones and teeth, control body fluids, are part of enzymes and hormones involved in metabolism and some are antioxidants.

– Vitamins are of great importance for the maintenance of health, as a lack of them causes illness. They are also essential for athletes because they are involved in energy metabolism and, as we have already said, some of them are powerful antioxidants (A, C, and E).

For all these reasons, All Day Energy provides us with all the daily energy and avoids deficiencies in any of these critical nutrients, as well as helping to maintain proper nutrition.

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