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Sustainable energy

  • High energy bar.
  • With 46% oats.
  • Now in two delicious flavours.


This delicious bar has been made with more than 39 grams of pure oats, but has also added tropical fruits (pineapple and papaya) which have digestive enzymes that facilitate digestibility and improve its taste.
Endurance Bar has been designed to contain the right proportions of nutrients to ensure long-lasting energy. The 66.5% of the total calories are provided by carbohydrates, which are combined in an appropriate way to avoid fainting during training or competition. Due to its composition rich in cereals and fruits, it provides quick and long-lasting energy.
Endurance Bar also does not contain chocolate, making it more digestible and easier to carry, without worrying about it melting or spoiling due to heat. As it does not contain chocolate, it is low in fat, and more than 58% of the fat it contains is of vegetable origin, which means it is healthier and heart-healthier.
For all these reasons, it is the ideal bar to take before intense and prolonged efforts.
Try it now in its new Banana-white chocolate flavour variety – irresistible!
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Directions for Use

Take before or during exercise.

Size / Flavour

Presentation: Bar of 85 grams Flavour: Tropical Fruit and Banana-White Chocolate


Due to its characteristics, it is also ideal as a breakfast or snack.