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Our story began more than 80 years ago when two brothers, Joe and Ben Weider, founded a small family business called WEIDER NUTRITION, based on the principles of work, trust and quality.

With perseverance and a lot of effort they managed to make Weider one of the foremost multinational sports nutrition companies worldwide.

Endorsed by world-class sports professionals, we have a presence in five continents with an extensive range of products for bodybuilding, fitness, health and a healthy lifestyle.


They are considered the fathers of bodybuilding and known as the “Trainers of Champions”, some as important as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Creators of the Mr. Olympia contest, their name has lived on thanks to an impressive track record. Since the company was founded in 1936, athletes, coaches and sports scientists around the world have benefited from the Weider brothers’ vision of training and nutrition.


Our mission at Weider Global Nutrition Group is to provide an outstanding service to the sports nutrition market. Our commitment is characterised by our status as a leader in our industry, creating innovative and high-quality products that improve the wellbeing of our customers.

WEIDER is committed to supporting the effort of athletes and sports lovers by providing top-quality products based on the latest scientific research. They are made from natural ingredients and do not contain chemical or medical substances. The WEIDER product range is an excellent additional tool for sportsmen and women of all disciplines and active individuals following a healthy lifestyle.



  Joe Weider’s philosophy has always been to provide maximum quality, which is why the Joe Weider Research Team represents the very best in research and development. Our development teams in the United States, Germany and Spain pay special attention to the control of raw materials, as well as to production and packaging processes. Quality and innovation combine with production standards based on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) to ensure that WEIDER supplements maintain high levels of efficacy without compromising the wellbeing or health of their consumers. Quality is one of the fundamental principles of Weider as it has a direct effect on success in training. The best products can only be created by using the best raw materials and having proper control and handling. This has an impact on the final price of the product which may make it seem more expensive than the average, but that is a misconception; cheap products are expensive. For example, a low-quality protein can be less effective and even harmful for your health and that is EXPENSIVE. Our raw materials guarantee maximum quality, assimilation and muscle recovery because at Weider we aim for SMART NUTRITION.

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For decades we have dedicated to making nutritional supplements for sportsmen and women. Our research and development teams create products that represent the latest in sports nutrition for athletes of all disciplines. And, of course, our company supports clean sport carried out without the use of banned substances, known as “No doping“.


We love what we do, we believe in it and that is why we strive every day to give more. That is why we design our products with you, your needs and your favourite flavours in mind – because goals have no meaning if we cannot enjoy the journey. We adapt to you, to your requests and we are always available to contact and happy to help.

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Our company has a long history and experience has taught us that there is always another step to take. We are committed to innovation and the development of product lines such as vegan products to promote a more sustainable type of consumption.

Sports nutrition is also part of maintaining your health, which is why we continue to create supplements aimed at staying healthy, from vitamins in innovative formats such as gummy sweets to more technical products that have become a staple, such as collagens, vitamins and minerals.

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