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Prevents muscle cramps

  • Magnesium (Mg) delays the onset of muscle cramps.
  • With added potassium (K) to enhance its effects.
  • Contributes to electrolyte balance.
Victory Endurance has developed this new product, MAGNESIUM GEL PLUS, based on Magnesium in gel form, which allows you to take this important mineral quickly and easily during physical exercise.
Not only does it provide Magnesium, but it is also combined with an adequate dose of Potassium to increase its effectiveness. It is recommended for all types of athletes, especially long-distance athletes, as their magnesium levels can decrease due to the high levels of physical exhaustion required by these disciplines.
What are its ingredients and how do they work?
– Magnesium (Mg): It is essential for muscle function. Together with calcium, it participates in contraction/relaxation mechanisms (calcium promotes them and magnesium inhibits them). According to the EFSA, this mineral is essential for many functions: it is particularly involved in neuromuscular transmission processes (normal functioning of the nervous system and psychological function), electrolyte balance, energy release (normal energy metabolism) and contributes to reducing tiredness and fatigue. It also contributes to normal muscle function, protein synthesis, cell division, etc. In athletes, the physical wear and tear caused by intense exercise can lead to muscle cramps, which can be increased by the loss of potassium and other mineral salts (electrolytes).
– Potassium (K): is an intramuscular electrolyte involved in acid-base balance, muscle contraction (normal muscle function) and neuromuscular activity (normal functioning of the nervous system).
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Directions for Use

Take 1 gel during physical exercise. Preferably before muscle cramps.

Size / Flavour

Single-dose sachets 35 ml Flavours: Tropical


To increase its effectiveness, take one gel before training/race and one during. – To avoid dehydration and electrolyte loss, always combine with Iso-Energy and/or Salt Caps.

Nutritional Information

Water, magnesium gluconate, fructose, acidulants (citric acid and malic acid), gelling agents (xanthan gum and carboxymethylcellulose), flavourings, potassium chloride, sweeteners (sodium cyclamate and acesulfame potassium) and preservatives (potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate).
per 35 ml
Energy 41 kJ/ 10 Kcal
Fat 0 g
Carbohydrate 2,3 g
Fibre 0,18 g
Magnesium 200 mg (53%*)
Potassium 17,5 mg (0,88%*)
*% NRV: Nutrient Reference Values


¿Cuándo tomarlo?
Durante el ejercicio físico. Preferiblemente antes de sufrir calambres musculares o antes de irse a dormir.
¿Para qué sirve?
EVITA CALAMBRES: Gracias a los electrolitos protegen al cuerpo frente a los efectos del ejercicio intenso.
¿Son efectivos?
Su efectividad es alta y para aumentarla, tomar una dosis antes y otra durante el ejercicio.
¿Para quién es?
Recomendado para todos los deportes, sobre todo deportes de fondo, por la probabilidad de sufrir calambres.