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  • Taking vitamin C has never been so enjoyable
  • High concentration of vitamin C
  • Sugar and gluten free

Vitamin C is one of the most important dietary vitamins and is found primarily in fruits and vegetables. However, there is a short supply of these foods in our modern lifestyle and current diet model. For this reason, vitamin C supplements have become popular and are taken to ensure that our vitamin C need is met.

Vitamin C Up by Weider is not a conventional vitamin C. It is an innovative, revolutionary way to take vitamin C thanks to its gummy form and delicious orange flavor.

Vitamin C is necessary for proper functioning of the human body; its functions include:

• Proper functioning of the immune system.

• Skin, blood vessel and gum care.

• Formation and maintenance of bones, cartilage and teeth.

• Proper functioning of the metabolism.

• Brain and mental function.

• Protection of cells from free radicals.

• Reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Vitamin C Up is 100% sugar and gluten free and has been produced with natural colors and flavors. A serving of 3 gummies a day provides up to 250% of the amount of vitamin C that can be obtained with a proper diet

A simply delicious way to meet your vitamin C requirements. Enjoy taking care of yourself thanks to Vitamin C UP!

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Directions for Use

Take 3 gummies daily.

Size / Flavour

Presentation: Tin with 84 gummies (28 servings) Sabor: Orange


Take 3 gummies daily.

Nutritional Information

Sweeteners: maltitol, sorbitol; gelatin, microencapsulated L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C, fully hydrogenated palm oil), water, acidifier: citric acid; coconut oil, orange flavor, coating agents: carnauba wax, beeswax; coloring: carmine.

Nutritional InformationPer 3 gummies
Vitamin C250 mg (312%*)
*% NRV: Nutrient reference value.


¿Para qué sirven las gominolas de vitamina C?
Las gominolas de vitamina C sirven para facilitar el aporte de vitamina C de una forma divertida sin necesidad de pastillas. La vitamina C nos apoya como antioxidante, apoyando el funcionamiento normal sis sistema inmune y reduciendo el cansancio y la fatiga.
¿Cómo se usa?
Toma tres gominolas al día en tu momento favorito. Una dosis de Vitamin C gummies proporciona hasta el 250% de la vitamina C que proporcionaría su consumo en una dieta normal.
¿Qué llevan las gominolas de vitamina C?
Las gominolas de vitamina C han sido elaboradas con colorantes y aromas naturales.
¿Llevan azúcar o gluten?
No, son sin azúcar ni gluten.